bbsengine3 handbook: config

used in various templates when a fully qualified URL is required: define("SITEURL", "");

define the database in use by the site: define("SYSTEMDSN", "pgsql://apache@");

define the syslog prefix in use by the site: define("LOGENTRYPREFIX", "bbsengine3example");

define filesystem path for the 'vhostdir': define("VHOSTDIR", "/var/www/");

define document root for the site: define("DOCUMENTROOT", VHOSTDIR . "html/");

define skin dir for the site for use by server: define("SKINDIR", DOCUMENTROOT . "skin/");

define skin dir for the site for use by templates (scss, etc) define("SKINURL", SITEURL . "skin/");

define smarty3 vars: templatesdir, pluginsdir, compiled templatesdir: define("SMARTYCOMPILEDTEMPLATESDIR", VHOSTDIR . "templates_c/"); define("SMARTYPLUGINSDIR", VHOSTDIR . "smarty/"); define("SMARTYTEMPLATESDIR", VHOSTDIR."tmpl/");

define session vars for site: define("SESSIONCOOKIEDOMAIN", ""); define("SESSIONCOOKIEEXPIRE", 60*60*10); define("SESSIONCOOKIEPATH", "/");

define STATICSKINURL for skin files on a CDN (etc) define("STATICSKINURL", SKINURL);

define keywords which will be used on all pages: define("METAKEYWORDS", "example, bbsengine3");

define default timezone: date_default_timezone_set("America/New_York");

define("STATICJAVASCRIPTURL", "/js/");

define("ENGINEURL", "");

define site-wide dataformat (strftime) define("DATEFORMAT", "%Y-%b-%d %l:%M%p %Z (%a)"); define "sig view" url: define("TEOSURL", "/teos/");


if shopping cart is in use, call getcurrentcart() in getsmarty(). define("USESHOPPINGCART", False)