bbsengine - simple but elegant open source (LGPL) web application framework

bbsengine was started in 2003 with the goal of providing a simple but elegant php application library. bbsengine is written in php5 and uses PostgreSQL, the Smarty template engine, and some modules from PEAR including pager, html_quickform2, html_quickform_captcha and mdb2. In June 2011 use of html_page2 was added and an upgrade to Smarty3 from smarty2 was performed.

To make effective use of this library you will need to be comfortable with the use of PEAR packages, Smarty3 Templates, and have hosting with PostgreSQL available.

current release: bbsengine3-20150618-2327-jam

Also check the bbsengine archives for previous releases.


There is API documentation available for bbsengine as well as a start on a handbook.

selected changes from bbsengine2 to bbsengine3

python package (bbsengine3+)

I've been using the python package of bbsengine to implement various tools and scripts to help run my business. projectflow works with taskflow and invoiceflow to generate invoices in PDF format.

selected changes from bbsengine1 to bbsengine2

some sites built with bbsengine

security issues in bbsengine1 (2006)

in 2006, security advisories were issued for bbsengine.